Monday, August 15, 2005

Do you keep track?

Do you have a counter on your blog or someway to track the visitors that come to your site?

I currently use Stat Counter, it's free, it's easy to use and most of all it's secure.

One of the nice things about these counters is you can see who visited you, where they came from, how long they were on your site, etc.

The thing I like the most is that it shows you the site the user was "referred" from (or more like the site they were on right before they came to yours). Over the last few days I've seen some refer sites (at least 3) that were counters (like StatCounter) so I clicked on the link and wouldn't you know it, I came right up on someone's counter statistic page....

If you have a stat counter type tool, please make sure it's secure and that not everyone can see into your stats if you just happen to be on that site before you go blogging.

Be careful!

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