Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The first time I came out

I remember the first time I actually told someone I was Gay.

I was in College and living in the “dorms.”  In the 1 year that I was there, I had at least 5 different room-mates.  My first room-mate was wonderful, we got along, we were in the same “program”, we had lots in common….but he couldn’t afford it and ended up going home after the first semester.

After that I had 4 more room-mates in a matter of 6 months.  All of the room-mates they moved in after that I had nothing in common with, different program, different lifestyle (me from the country, them from the city), different financials (me working and paying for school, them going on gov’t scholarship), it was too different.  The last person they moved in with me they did so without giving me any notice, the guy was my complete opposite and we were terrible room-mates.  I ended up going to the Student Housing office and talk to the “counselor”

I was telling her how we were not getting along, the problems we were having, the obvious differences in our personality, schedules, etc. and that I was not happy.

She looked at me and started to say “Well it sounds to me like you may be prejudiced”

She got about one syllable of the word prejudiced out and I stopped her and said “I don’t think you want to finish that sentence because I am the least prejudicial person there is.  Do you know for a fact that almost everyone in this school is prejudiced against me?  You know why?  Because I’m gay.”

Her mouth dropped, I continued by saying “I have to sit with these people every day while they talk about fags this and fags that, so don’t tell me I’m prejudiced.”

I don’t remember the rest of the conversation, but I’m sure it wasn’t long.  I asked her to find me a new place to live, she told me she couldn’t.  

I ended up moving out of the “dorms” later that month.


captain_howdy_girl said...

One of friends is about 10 years younger than me. One day he decided to tell me he was gay. It was kind of funny, he was a bit nervous. He just spit it out and all I could say was, "no shit!" He said, "you knew?" I said, "from the day we met." He said, "okay, so what-cha-doin-bitch?"
I miss him. :~(

clew said...

That sucks ... but good for you for setting her straight.

Pardon the expression :/

** hugs **

Kat said...

I can't imagine trying to roommate with someone I've never met. Everyone I know that lived in dorms had at least one bad experience.

Katya said...

i would hate having to room with someone i didn't know...its bad enough being married, i also can't stand people with prejudices, my aunts next door neighbour is gay and she lowers her voice to a whisper when she talks about her, like she has supersonic hearing or something...i have to tune myself out otherwise i'd say something i'd regret about small minded people...


a soul deranged said...

My first college roomate. .we knew each other since Kindergarten. We made it through the first year of school. I haven't really talked to her after that. We were good roomate. . .just glad when it was over for many reasons.

My second dorm roomate was a wonderful girl. We got along so well. It was perfect. We hated for the year to end.

When my bestfriend came out to me. . i already figured it out. But I was going to let him tell me. I just was like "OK. Cool". He was so happy because everyone had flipped out one way or another. I was just like.. ."Its about time. . . lets go to the movies"

Lulu said...

My God, that's a pain and a half. I love how you shut up your "counselor" though. Good for you. :)

Grey Owl said...

That last comment looks like the spam I was getting a few days ago. Here's a quick fix:
Hope it helps - oh, and good story. It sounds like experiences my friends have had.

Michael said...

Thank you Grey Owl, I've turned on Word Verification.

I guess I should be happy that I'm getting more traffic...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I'm checking out your site right now.

Grey Owl said...

No problem, bro. Just got you're comment at my site - please feel free to hang around and comment some more. The more opinions, the better. Cheers!

Stac said...

roomies suck. loved the story. . love the blog!

Karen said...

When ignorance rears its ugly head, it makes me wish I carried a mirror.
- Courtesy of Spirit of the West

Karen said...

Nice mirror.