Friday, August 19, 2005

How some people came to my site

Below are some of the more recent searches that have brought folks to my site. The funny thing is, I get most of my search referrals from Yahoo (who I've never registered with) and nothing from Google and MSN, even though I registered with both of them?! Anyone else see a lot of traffic from only one site?

Here we go, hold on your pants boys and girls:

1. Broke up Emerald City Kat, which brought them just to the main page of the blog.

2. Cost per gallon water, coffee, gas, brought them to this story which compares the price of gasoline to other products if we bought them by the gallon.
3. I want to be a shemale, brought them to this story where folks can link to a game to see how well they can find those shemales.
4. Gay men sitting on toilet brought them to this story which is about a note someone posted in our bathroom (with picture goodness).

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captain_howdy_girl said...

hahaha! that's funny.