Monday, August 15, 2005

I didn't know there was a "Lurking Day"

I came upon Husbands Anon and he has declared it Lurking Day.

A day where everyone who reads a blog just leaves a quick comment or note to let the blogger know who you are.

I know I've lurked myself sometimes, although I don't like to admit it. But hey if you like someone just leave a note and let them know you were there.


Ms. Audra said...

I like your blog, and I was here lurking!

PBS said...

Hey, nice blog!

Kat said...

I was here today!

captain_howdy_girl said...

I'm here but I'm always here, I'm a blog whore.

Katya said...

you know i stop by, but hello anyway...


clew said...

Hi Michael,

I realize I'm an idiot, but I'm puzzled. Comments are nice, I love getting them. But ... why is it considered so rude to lurk? I was on another blogsite earlier and the chick was having a complete stroke because someone was lurking. Called him an a-hole, posted all his stats, and everything.

I have heard about some people leaving nasty comments and linking them back to someone else's blog, which is no good. but why is it a big deal if people visit and dont comment? I mean, doesnt that come with the territory of having a "public access forum"?

I'm not criticizing your post here, I'm seriously curious. :)

BTW, Hi again! ;)

Michael said...

Hi Clew,

You're not an idiot at all. Comments are nice and all, and hey who doesn't like getting them.

Whenever I read a new blog, I always try to leave some kind of note to the blogster so that they knew I was there, it's then my decision to put them in my favorites and go back again.

I really don't care if someone is "lurking," because I figure if someone keeps coming back but doesn't leave a comment then they must like "something" about your blog. Eventually they'll leave a comment when you hit on something they really enjoy.

I guess the only ones I don't enjoy are the anonymous ones, why bother leaving a comment if you can't leave your name (even if it's not your real name).

I think lurkers are good, we all do it, but I guess this post was more to just get people to leave comments so that bloggers know they're being enjoyed by others.

clew said...

'Kay I gotcha now. :) That other chick must have just been in a mood ;) hee hee!

Robin said...

I'm here often, and often I lurk. Sometimes I like to leave you a comment, like today, for example. :-)

Andi said...

I'm here all the time. You know that! I should leave comments but one I've thought of something, to then type it make me feel like I've repeated myself! Just know that if I don't leave a comment, I have been by!