Friday, August 12, 2005

Inappropriate iPod

At work we have a no music policy, well that’s what it says in the handbook, but I still play my iPod.

I sit in the very last cube at the end of a long hallway, I’m against the back wall right next to the Fire Escape (hey at least I’ll be able to play a George Costanza and get out quickly if I need to), so because of these mitigating factors…I listen to music all day.

Otherwise I would be BORED out of my mind, it would be unbearable. No one cares, I keep it low enough that it’s really only heard by me and my boss doesn’t care. All day the iPod is on Random shuffling through more than 7000 tracks!

Why is it then, that whenever I have a visitor, an inappropriate song is played. For example this morning my Boss comes over to discuss a current issue and what comes on but “The Internet is for Porn” from Avenue Q or even better Carmina Burana will play that always sets the mood.

Anyone else have this problem?


a soul deranged said...

I Love that song. Treki monster is so great.

Michael said...

Oh don't get me wrong "Soul" I love the song too, I think it's hilarious....but not when your boss is sitting there.

Just what I want my boss to think : -)

Katya said...

we have no music whatsoever, theres only four of us and some days its like sitting in a morgue...


Michael said...

I'm so sorry Katya, I can just imagine what it's like w/o music. I would go insane!