Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's the Freaking Elf Shorts Shirt

I'm Flaming
Originally uploaded by mlehet.
If you're any blogger of substance, then I'm sure that you've already heard about the Freaking Elf Shorts.

If not, then you should check here on Andrea's site for a bit of history.

The Freaking Elf Shorts are currently in the safe (well I guess they're safe) hands of PuppDaddy.

As soon as I saw that picture I was like "Dude you've got my shirt on."

So per request here's my copy of PuppDaddy's Flaming Shirt.

I bet we know which of us is a bigger Flamer?


Kat said...

I had totally forgotten about the freaking elf shorts! Thanks for reminding me. It's too funny.

captain_howdy_girl said...

I know all about the elf shorts. I think I could win them but the truth is I really don't want to.

Katya said...

i know about the elf shorts, but i'm nowhere near smart enough to win them...

fab shirt obviously both have great taste...thanks for the birthday wishes...


Ms Mac said...

What you need to do is whine about how you're not clever enough ti win the elf shorts and others will make up captions for you. Like I did! Of course, I haven't won them yet and actually dread the day I do!