Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jennifer Anniston in Vanity Fair

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I'm usually not one to write about the Stars or the current headlines, only because there are so many other people out there writing about it and most of all...I don't care.

Now don't get me wrong, I'll be the first one to pick up a National Enquirer or a Weekly World News while I'm waiting in the checkout line, but I don't look at US Weekly or People to see what "all the famous people are doing."

I think that people who are truly talented are much more deserving of my attention (you know who you are).

Jennifer Anniston has given her first interview since the big break up, and I say Kudo's to her. Good for her for telling the world to "shove it" I'm going on with my life...but honestly, do you really "care" what happened between her and Brad? It happens between people all the time, the couple that live across the street from you, the woman who works at the grocery store, it happens everyday...it just happens that Brad and Jennifer are famous that's all.

I was looking at an article on MSNBC that was referring to the article in Vanity Fair and one line caught me totally by surprise and made me laugh:

- "Holed up in her Malibu, Calif., bungalow, the 36-year-old actress says the media coverage and tabloid rumors have been hard to deal with......"

HELLO, I would LOVE to be "holed up in my Malibu bungalow."

Now what comes to mind when you think of a bungalow? I cute little 1, maybe two bedroom one story house with cute shutters and a quaint little garden in the back where I could grow some fresh herbs.

Well here's her "bungalow"

I guess one man's Bungalow is another man's Mansion.

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