Friday, August 19, 2005

Judge Mathis - Case #2

Spurned Lovers/Former Room-mates - The plaintiff was suing the defendant (a former girlfriend) over unpaid rent and unpaid utilities. This was a typical Boy/Girl case so not as much fun. The Defendant really needed to eat a samich because she was skinny, the Plaintiff was a wanna be Golf Professional who by his own words "I can't find no sponsor" and according to the Defendant didn't get out of bed before 3:00 pm

Ruling: The judge ruled in favor of the Plaintiff and he won all he was asking for.

Memorable Line: Defendant "Well my boyfriend paid for my rent. And then I paid the Plaintiff." Judge "And where is your proof do you have a receipt." Defendant "No, we (her girlfriend) always paid our rent at the same time so that she could vouch for me and I could vouch for her, we saw each other pay the rent, that should be good enough."

Memorable Line #2: Judge to Defendant "Did you graduate School?" Defendant "Yes" J: "You need to go back, you're up here trying to talk all Smart, but you need to BE smart before you can talk smart."

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