Friday, August 19, 2005

Judge Mathis - Case # 3

Reimbursement for Custody - The Plaintiff was suing the Defendant who was her son's ex-girlfriend for reimbursement of money that she paid out to support her grand daughter when the State took away the Defendant's children because she was an alcoholic/drug addict. Fast forward to finding out that the grandchild is no relation to this woman as the mother has no idea who the father is (that's really terrible).

This was actually pretty funny because the Defendant could barely put a sentence together (which was sad) but she said some pretty funny things (unintentionally). Her new boyfriend, uhm er Fiancé, politely raised his hand when he wanted to speak to the judge (apparently he's done that many times in the past.)

Ruling: The judge ruled in favor of the Plaintiff and she was all she was asking for.

Memorable Line: Defendant "Your honor, all of my boyfriends, uhm I mean Fiancé's"

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