Sunday, August 07, 2005

Maple Syrup and Sunday Papers

It appears (or I should say it smells as though) someone dropped some Maple Syrup in our foyer.

At first you wouldn't think that Maple Syrup is that bad, but when it's 90 degrees and it's a little room (about 4 foot by 6 foot) it literally assaults the senses when you open the door.

The smell almost knocks you off of your feet, I'll never look at Maple Syrup again.

This morning when I came home, yes you read that correctly, I was a man-whore last night and stayed at The Boyfriends.....when I came in this morning the guys on the first floor hadn't gotten their Sunday Paper yet, so I brought it into the Foyer (it was out in the main courtyard) so when they wanted to get it they didn't have to go all the way outside.

Well when I came home this evening the paper was still sitting out in the foyer, which means that either their not home or they were out partying late last night and they're still in bed. So I decided to grab the paper for myself, I mean it's been sitting there all day, they must not want it.

When I got upstairs I threw the paper on the bed and looked for the coupons. They started putting all of the "extras" (coupons, flyers, inserts, etc.) in a plastic bag that is then inserted in the paper, it saves people looking through the paper to make sure there are coupons, etc. When I started looking for the coupons I found the bag.....but it was already open.....and the coupons were gone.

Someone beat me to it....but they put the rest back, which I find hilarious!

I guess I shouldn't steal newspapers for coupons should I?


Kat said...

So did you take the paper back? hehe

Michael said...

You know, I guess I could have done the same thing : -)