Monday, August 08, 2005

New Corporate American Express Card

I got my new Corporate American Express Card in the mail today.

About 4 years ago, right after I started working for the company I now work for, I was going to be doing A LOT (like a month worth) of work related travel.

They wanted me to pay for all the expenses up front (which isn't that non-normal for a company) but I told them there was no way I could possibly afford to travel if I was forced to put my own money down to front the bill for them. So I told my then boss that he needed to get me a Corporate AmEx.

When I got my first card, the expiration date was 6 months out, the next card was 6 months, then the next card I got had a 1 year expiration date and the one I just got today...expires in 2009.

I guess AmEx knows that I'll still be working there in 4 years, that's good to know, but I hope I'm making more money by then!

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The Big Finn said...

It's a good thing that you have the corp. AMEX. A friend of mine racked up about $50,000 in corporate expenses on his own card. He kept bugging them about reimbursing him, and they always had an excuse as to why he wouldn't be reimbursed until "next month." Then, they suddenly filed for bankruptcy. He asked Visa to go after the company but they said they had no proof that the expenses were the company's and not his. He got stuck paying the 50 grand!