Thursday, August 25, 2005

Voting Rules for Hot Or Not

Have you been up to Hot Or Not? The basic premise is you post your hottest picture of you and then the rest of the world gets the chance to “rate” how hot you are. Now I figure if you’re going to put yourself out there then you’d better be ready for the consequences.

So when you visit, it’s important that you know how to vote, otherwise you’ll skew the scores for everyone, so for your enjoyment please review my Scoring Guide before you check it out.

All scores are on a scale from 1 to 10

What will get you a Score of 1
  • If you have your shirt off, have it pulled up to show your abs or are showing off your muscles

  • If you can’t figure out how to have the correct orientation on your posted photo

  • If you’re trying to look all “ghetto”, thugged out, and throwing gang symbols but you’re posing in front of a Jetta, showing off on a motorcycle (which probably isn’t yours).

  • If the size of your picture is 1 inch by 1 inch, as well if you are standing in front of the Grand Canyon and you are ½ inch high and your picture reminds me of a night on a new moon or it’s blurry

  • If you’re trying to look “nonchalant” and surprised even though you’re using a webcam to take your picture.

  • Trying to act cool sitting in your living room wearing sun glasses

  • You label your picture with the legend “ME” but you’re the only one in the picture

  • If you look like you could eat a sammich real bad

  • Half of your face is hidden by a hat, a coat, a blanket, someone’s hand

  • Headshots or obvious studio shots, especially Glamour Shots with one persons faced blacked out.

  • You have your shirt off and you’re playing with your nipple

  • You’re listing yourself as “gay” and your wife and/or kids are in the picture with you.

  • You’re photo is a self-portrait, but the camera is blocking your face

  • The intro is way too witty to be have been written by the picture posted

  • Your age is listed as 22 but you look 42 from all the clack you been smoking

What will get you a Score of 5
  • Facial Hair

  • Uniforms

  • Multiple Pictures composted into one (minimum 2, maximum 3, any more than that garners a Score of 1)

  • You’re in the Military (but not showing off your muscles)

What will get you a score of 10
  • Grandpa

  • A genuine smile

  • If it looks like you shop at Harold’s Hefty Hideway

  • You look like you’re on clack

  • It’s a picture of you and your dog, and your dog is better looking

  • Your age is listed as 45 and you look 25

If you've read this far, please note that this is all for fun : -)


Katya said...

i daren't put my photo on my blog let along so people can rate


captain_howdy_girl said...

very good guidelines

Stac said...

some folks are just wrong. i wouldn't dare do it either.

Katya said...

yes 38H is huge, unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way you look at it...