Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Weather

From the Farmer's Almanac

August 2005
1st-3rd. Squally Great Lakes area. 4th-7th. Mostly fair, but hot. 8th-11th. Showers Illinois, Michigan, then clearing. 12th-15th. Fair, then very unsettled Great Lakes. 16th-19th. Thunderstorms Great Lakes, then fair. 20th-23rd. Fair, then showers into Great Lakes. 24th-27th. Mostly fair and hot. 28th-31st. Stormy through Great Lakes.

September 2005
1st-3rd. Fair weather starts the Labor Day weekend. 4th-7th. Showery. 8th-11th. Severe thunderstorms. Possible tornadoes most of Illinois, all of Indiana, and western portions of Kentucky. 12th-15th. Thunderstorms Kentucky and Ohio River Valley. 16th-19th. Fair, then scattered showers. 20th-23rd. Mostly fair. 24th-27th. Locally heavy showers and thunderstorms Great Lakes area. 28th-30th. Fair, turning quite cool.

Let's see if those Farmers are right. So far they're wrong, it hasn't been Squally, it's been H O T

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