Friday, August 12, 2005

Where has common courtesy gone?

I work with some of the most inconsiderate people in the world.

I work in a rather large company (about 500 people in my building) and we're the only ones in the building, it's not like we're in a highrise and mixed with other companies.

I'm a friendly guy, I say hello to everyone, even if I don't know them. Figuring that we all work at the same place, we must have some kind of common "goal" but NOOOOOO!!!!! It amazes me how every day people will purposely avert their eyes when they see someone else coming, how they won't even respond when you say hello, I'm just flabbergasted.

Just now, we're having problems with the printer that is in our area, the printer is in another "team's" area but we use it because it's the closest one. It won't print and keeps getting a paper jam error. I've tried everything, moved the paper, cleared the paths, but it keeps giving an error. So I call our "helpless desk" and put in a ticket to have someone come look at it (which means in 2 weeks).

I then proceed to walk over to the printer and the lady that sits next to it, is trying to get it to work. I explain all that I tried to do, she doesn't turn around to address me but instead says "is this all of your stuff printing out?" I tell her yes, but that I just called the help desk and put in a ticket. She continues to futz with the printer like I'm not even there, so I just walk away and go to lunch.

When I get back from lunch, this same woman is huddled over the printer again (she's probably been there for the last hour) LOUDLY complaining about how it doesn't work, someone says "Did you call the help desk?" Her reply was "That's not my job."

I'm so glad that my parents taught me well : -)

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Kat said...

I hate people like that. She wasted her time because she was too stupid to listen.