Friday, September 16, 2005

Distressing News

I received a terrible email this morning.

I received an email from the Beautiful and Alluring Ms. Knapp

As you may recall from previous posts there's a group of us going to Las Vegas to help celebrate a 40th Birthday, and lo and behold Andi was going to be in Vegas the same time as we were and on top of that, we were staying at the same hotel!

Finally, I would have one over on Ms. Mac she would no longer be the only one to post funny stories and pictures about Andi, I could join in that fun as well.

Well alas, it is not to be. Andi got the dates mixed up when she is going to be there and she's leaving the day that we are arriving. So hopefully we'll be able to pass in the airport, wave and give quick air kisses on our way.

The Birthday Boy is crushed as the rest of us are as I've built up the excitment of meeting Andi and hanging out with a crazy Brit.

Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure out something to do while we're there.


Ms Mac said...

Aww, how annoying! Andi would have been great fun, I know!

But I guess she's still mine, all mine!


Katya said...

awww thats too bad, i know how much you were looking forward to seeing her...

i'm sure there will still be plenty of crazy brits there though...

have a good weekend...


Andi said...

I know, I'm a date messer upper-er. You know we would have had fun! What we should do is both get our pictures taken in front of something famous, say the Bellagio fountain and then photoshop the other person in! That way we could see what could have been!