Thursday, September 15, 2005

The easiest way to boost your ego on the Internet

I think that I found the easiest way to boost your ego on the Internet.

I was hitting the “next” button on Blogspot and seeing who was out there and I happened upon two entries (right after the other) that really got me.

Both posts were about “I’m quitting my blog” and the person going on saying why they originally started this blog and where they are now and blah blah blah. You should have seen the number of comments that were listed just for that one post. Everyone going on about ‘oh no, I love reading you’ to ‘how can I drink my coffee in the morning if I’m not reading about you’ to ‘you’re the only reason that I get out of bed and go to work everyday’ and I thought:


Feeling a little blue? Feeling a little sad? Feeling a little bad because you put on 185 pounds after you broke up with your last boyfriend?

What a great way to boost the ego, I mean seriously who’s gonna leave a nasty comment telling someone that yeah go ahead do it, quit? No one is gonna do that, right? They’re all gonna leave sugar sweet comments to encourage you to stay, right?

I did leave her a comment (anonymously)

“Hi, I found you by using the next button. I agree, you should quit blogging, your grammar is terrible, and I can hardly understand your sentence structure. Why are you missing most of the vowels and some consonants in the words you use, don’t you have a spell checker? Thanks for leaving space on the internet for the rest of us by not blogging anymore”

No I didn’t (but I wanted to)


Kat said...

LOL. You should have left the comment! Anonymously, of course.

jake said...

that's great! way to tell them how it is. i can't stand shitty writing. the next blog button should have an intelligence filter. i don't want to read other languages or someone's piss poor version of english.

Ms Mac said...

Ooooh Michael. I have never seen this dark, cranky, cynical side to you before!

I like it!

Michael said...

Ms. Mac - you say the sweetest things!

clew said...

You're so wicked. I love it. MMMUAH!

Katya said...

i've seen a lot like this too, i have considered it a few times, but while i love it i'll keep doing it...

you shoulda made the comment, unless she could have tracked it


Robin said...

You're naughty! I love it! Just don't EVER do it to me! :-)

captain_howdy_girl said...

sounds like something i would do, but not anonymously