Friday, September 09, 2005

Finding out there are words

Have you ever heard one version, say an instrumental version, of a song and then find out there are words to it?

The first time this happened was with the song “A Whiter Shade of Pale” (corrected thanks to Veggiebabe) the only version I had heard was on a Narada CD played by David Lanz, a beautiful piano rendition. Out of all the songs on that CD that was the one that I enjoyed the most, I could “sing” it in my head, it was the one that turned me on to David Lanz as well (aurally not orally).

Then one day I was in the car and I hear this very familiar melody and I look at my friend and I say “are those words?” My friend looks at me and proceeds to tell me that the song had always had words what was I talking about.

I was a little crushed that day, here I thought David Lanz wrote that…then that bitch Annie Lennox comes out with her version, and then that cow Sarah Brightman, it’s everywhere now, I hate it. **I love Annie and I especially love Sarah**

The new song that now has my head is the theme to Bewitched. I can really hum along to that song, just imagine my consternation when I was looking for “sounds” of Bewitched (tinkle tinkle tinkle) when I came across this version of the Theme with freaking words.

So now my whole world is shattered. Please don’t tell me there are words to the Mork & Mindy theme song.

Oh if you were interested, here are the words

Bewitched, bewitched, you've got me in your spell.Bewitched, bewitched, you know your craft so well.Before I knew what you were doing, I looked in your eyes.That brand of woo that you've been brewin' Took me by surprise.You witch, you witch! One thing that's for sure,That stuff you pitch, Just hasn't got a cure.My heart was under lock and key, But somehow it got unhitched.I never thought my heart could be had.But now I'm caught and I'm kind of gladTo be bewitched. Bewitched.


Ms Mac said...

Are the words to Bewitched a new addition because of the movie? Of course, I will sing those words along every time I hear it now!

ps. So pleased you're enjoying some BoneyM!

captain_howdy_girl said...

I don't want to be nit-picky but it's a whiter" shade of pale not white shade of pale.
I was pretty surprised to find out the theme to M*A*S*H had lyrics.

Michael said...

Ms. Mac, the lyrics are original to the tune. The link I included is Peggy Lee and she had to have recorded it in the late 60's early 70's at the latest.

The Big Finn said...

I'm pretty sure that Whiter Shade of Pale was written by Procol Harem and was released in something like 1967. I'd say it's one of the most classic of all classic-rock songs.