Thursday, September 08, 2005

Finding out where food comes from

I should premise this story with the fact that I grew up in the country and I know where food comes from. One fall my father had killed a cow and had it hanging in the barn to age a bit before sending it to the butcher, an aunt was visiting and asked “What’s that?” At which point my Dad told her it was beef, and she said “Oh no, that’s not beef. Beef comes from the grocery store on those little Styrofoam plates.”

So I know where food comes from.

Over the weekend we didn’t eat lunch and it was late in the afternoon so we decided to order a pizza. Being 5:00 we figured we would try someplace new to order from instead of the same old places we usually get pizza from.

I’m looking through the menu’s at The Boyfriends house and I find one from a restaurant who’s name I recognize, in fact we had ordered from them once before.

We place our order and it arrived soon (but not as quickly as we had anticipated) and it was actually pretty good.

Then The Roommate came home and we said help yourself to some pizza. He grabs a plate and starts eating and asks “where did you get this from.” We tell him the name and that we’re not sure where it was but they must be nearby.

The Roommate then proceeds to tell us exactly where this pizza parlor is located, in a scummy, scary, dirty little “strip” mall wedged between a City Welfare Office and a Salvation Army store.

Well let me just tell you when I found out “where” this pizza had come from I was very sorry I had eaten it. I had been by this pizza place (when I was going to the Salvation Army store) and had vowed I would never eat there.

It’s terrible when you finally realize where food comes from.


Simply Red said...

It's probably a safe assumption that you MOST DEFINITELY DON'T WANT TO KNOW where your curry is coming from, either!!! (Provided you eat curry, that is.)

Just using the 'Next Blog' option to see who my blog neighbors were this afternoon. :)

Thought I'd comment and say hello.

Kat said...

That's why you should go out to eat, instead of delivery! lol

Rob7534 said...

aww poor Michael.

But doesn't it suck though, that the pizza was that GOOD before you knew where it was from :)

ha ha...

By the way, I love the salvation army stores, or the Thrift stores!! They are so vintage!! You have great taste.

captain_howdy_girl said...

I am sooooo paranoid about food. I won't even eat a bagel if it's going to be due in 2 days. I have these neighbors who own a diner. I won't eat there because their house is dilapidated and their car is banged up.

Michael said...

Rob - You're absolutely right, it tasted so damn good!

Katya said...

i think if i knew where most food came from i would have the body of jessica simpson, the truth is you are better not knowing...


Michael said...

Katya - you are correct, if we REALLY knew what was going on back there in the kitchen we'd never eat out.

Michael said...

Veggie - I must say I'm pretty bad sometimes about leaving things in my fridge way past their expiration, but 2 days +/- I think is good.

I think that the food manufacturers purposely add things to their food so that it will go bad eventually, otherwise all of those preservatives would go to waste and food would never go bad.