Thursday, September 22, 2005

Las Vegas Bound

Well the time has come!

We are boarding a plane in a few hours for the exciting destination of Las Vegas to celebrate The Best Friends Birthday.

Whenever I go on a trip with a group I always like to put together an "information" packet so everyone has the same information.

This trips packet is titled "The JM Birthday Experience" I even made a crappy logo using MS Publisher (I'll take a picture and post with the rest when I return.) Each person has a personalized program with their photo on the front, hopefully they'll laugh about it and not thing "poor thing she has nothing better to do."

I got a wonderful phone call this morning. I was sitting at my desk and my cell phone starts ringing, the funny thing about that is my cell phone never rings during the day. I look at the number and I think "Who the heck is that?" I answer the phone and I hear, "Michael --- It's Andi"

I actually got to talk to the Wonderful Andrea Knapp we had a great conversation where she told me about the hotel (we're staying at the same place) and that there was construction and no maid service (we're gonna be a bunch of cranky queens I'll tell ya). It was exciting to talk to Andi, I was concerned that I might not understand her considering that the only gauge I have of her voice is from this post from the darling Ms. Mac.

All of the boys are truly sad that we will not see Andi in Vegas, but we all know that her spirit will be with us to continue on the party!

I promise to take lots of pictures (a lot of panorama's too) and I'll post when I return. We get back late Monday night and have to be at work Tuesday morning so it will be mid-next-week sometime.

Have a great weekend!

And don't do anybody I wouldn't do!


Robin said...

Have a wonderful time! Don't gamble away toomuch of your life savings!! ;-)

Kat said...

Have a great time!!!

Ms Mac said...

No, no! You don't do anybody I wouldn't do!

Believe me, that leaves your options far more open! ;-)

Nickle Annie said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time! I can't wait to 'see' and hear all about it!