Friday, September 30, 2005

Pass the Diazepam please

Yesterday, Leo Sternbac, the invetor who created Valium passed away.

Although I've never personally taken Valium, I hear that it's wonderful, anyone want to share a story (or an extra prescription?).


Janey said...

Ah, Valium. Fear of flying? Not any more. My doctor recommended Valium to me years ago to be used only when hurtling across the country at high altitudes. It really did the trick and there were no more embarrasing scenes of me having to breathe into a paper bag, graciously provided by a flight attendant, to calm the panic attacks I suffered regularly before take-off. Once I had the Valium script, I was usually asleep by the time the plane started to taxi. The only problem was a valium hangover and I would be stupid for a day afterward. Several years ago, I graduated to Xanax and have never looked back, but it was the Valium that got me on the right track.

Michael said...

Congrats Janey, I know flying can be pretty traumatic, I'm glad that you've overcome that fear (you'd have to with the way you travel).