Thursday, September 15, 2005


First of all, I was not robbed, The Best Friend was robbed this afternoon.

The Best Friend and I work at the same company and we live a few blocks away from each other. We only work 2 miles from home so we always go home for lunch alternating at my place or his.

Typically, we go to lunch at 11:30 (since we get here at 7:30) but today I had meetings from 11:00 to 1:00 so we couldn't go until after that.

Today we were to go to his house for lunch, as we were walking up the back stairs we noticed that the screen door was wide open and then when he put his key in the deadbolt he realized it was unlocked. All he said was "I'm sure that this was locked this morning, that's really strange."

As we walked in, there was a blanket on the floor, we just figured the dog had pulled it out, but then as we walked through the kitchen there were a few video tapes on the floor, along with a container of spanish rice and a raw flank steak (still in the saran wrap). The things from the fridge were still cold, so apparently it hadn't been that long since they had been there.

The thing that's so odd about all of this is, he has a dog. And when he's not there the Dog barks at strangers. The Dog wasn't hurt or anything so not sure how he reacted to them being in the house.

Other than that nothing seemed out of order until we got to the bedrooms. All of the drawers were pulled out, and there were clothes and stuff all over the place but everything looked "normal" the TV was there, DVD player, VCR, checkbooks, credit card bills, wrapped coins, it was just weird. It appeared as though they were looking for something very specific.

All of things that you think you would steal were there, a bike by the back door, a stack of DVD's and CD's. We called the po-po (don't you love my gang slang) and an officer came about 15-20 minutes later, she took a report and called in the fingerprint guys!

We did figure out how they got in, through a window which they then "fixed" so they could re-enter at will.

I just talked to The Best Friend and he said he figured out that they stole his digital camera, the room-mates laptop, some money that he had stashed away (but only about $40) and his laundry bag (that's how they carried their goodies away, just like Santa Claus).

People really piss me off sometimes!

*** An Update *** I just talked to The Best Friend and it turns out they got a lot more of his stuff, some jewelery, some more money he wasn't aware of (coins, why?), a CD player. The Cops got some good fingerprints (I just hope some of them aren't mine, LOL, as I'm on the run from da' law). I printed up some flyers for him to pass out to the neighbors to see if they saw anything and he's gonna go looking in the trash cans in the alley to see if they threw stuff away. Again, Poeple really piss me off sometimes.


Kat said...

That sucks. I would die even if someone came in and didn't take anything. I hate it when people touch my stuff.

Karen said...

How terrible. It's the whole aspect of violation of personal space that makes it so terrible, no matter what they did or didn't take. Hope your friend is doing okay.

Ms Mac said...

Oh ughhh! How awful for your friend. Other people piss me off too. Especially those with no resepct for other people's property or boudaries.

Katya said...

how terrible for your friend...its a terrible invasion of your space, i can't imagine how he's feeling...

but 15-20 minutes for a cop is good, here we would probably wait about four days...

captain_howdy_girl said...

im so glad the dog was okay. being robbed is a huge fear i have. not that i have anything worth taking, i just know to dogs would be scared. and ive read about people taking little dogs and selling them.