Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stories of the Murse

Well we're back from Vegas, I'll give an update later this evening but wanted to share a funny story with you.

Last year when The Boyfriend and I went to London I bought my first Man Purse (or Murse as I like to call it). I always carry my camera with me along with a notepad, my cellphone, etc and I found a nice bag for the purpose.

Well since that time I am now on my FOURTH Murse, I find one I like but then after awhile I am disillusioned with the style (or lack of) and try to find a new one. I can totally see how someone can get addicted to having many different styles of murses, needing one for every occasion.

I found a new Murse a few weeks ago when I was trying to find a "messenger" type bag that I could carry my Camcorder in (my other Murses' were too small). I think it's a nice size (not too big) silver back pack looking bag that's big enough to carry a book, cameras, cell phone, iPod, extra batteries, headphones, pens, change, keys etc.

When we were in Vegas we went to the Stratosphere (which is a big spire) and they checked our bags and made us walk through a medal detector, as I handed my bag to the girl she said, "Wow this is a great purse," as she looked up and saw it came from me she turned beet red!

So on that note, I wanted to share this story with you, as I think this may be my next Murse purchase.

You Light Up My Life


Karen said...

How can you give us this wonderful story and not attach of picture of the murse in question?? Great name btw!

Aims said...

Yea I agree with Karen! Also I need one of them new ones!!!!