Friday, September 09, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

Well we’re less 2 weeks to being in Las Vegas.

My Best Friend is turning 40 and he wanted to celebrate in Vegas. So it will be BF, The Boyfriend, The BF High School BF and me taking over Vegas by storm.  Yeah right, every queen East of the Mississippi has said that.

We do have some fun things planned:

  • Limo picking us up at the airport and giving us a little tour (there was a 2 hour minimum on the rental)

  • We’re going to see Avenue Q at the new Wynn Hotel on Friday evening.

  • The BF has friends that live there and they’re having a BBQ on Saturday

It looks as though I’ll have my chores cut out with me on this group, they’re going to be a difficult group to manage and take on tours, I can see it now.  

Are there any places that are a “must see”  I want to go see the street that’s covered with the LED’s is it Fremont St or something like that?  But what else is a “don’t miss”  I like the offbeat and strange so let me know.

There is more to share to this story.

Most exciting of all…….plans are being made to meet the infamous Parachute Jumping, Having Appendix Taken Out, World Traveler Andrea McKnapp.

A while ago I posted that we were planning this Trip and Andi left a comment that she was going to be in Vegas the same weekend.  

What a Coincidence, you say, but wait there’s more.

After a few quick emails to say “WoW”, “Cool” and “I can’t believe it”  the question of lodging comes up.

Well now wouldn’t you know it…..we’re booked at the SAME hotel!

Now THAT’S a Coincidence.

So now, are the boys not only worked up about going to Vegas and 24 hour debauchery, the boys are all getting worked up to meeting Andi bosom in person.


Katya said...

i love vegas, my favourite is Bellagio, the art gallery there is fabulous...

and i love the penn and teller show, they are so great, and you can meet them afterwards, i'm not sure if they are still on though...they were at the Rio...

i'm so jealous...


Alex said...

Viva Las Vegas.. ah.. first episode from CSI season 4 or season 5 . I've always wanted to go Vegas.. :)

Nice blog u have here.

Ms Mac said...

Ooooh, have a great time! Take good care of Andi for me!

Ughhhh... Jealous! ;-)

clew said...

Have a great time Michael!!!

If you have it in your schedule to get out of town a little, Valley of Fire is one of the most awesome places I've ever been ...

Wish I was going too! I could use a vaycay!!!