Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What is up with the voiceovers?

What is up with the voiceovers on Martha Stewarts: The Apprentice?  There are times when she is talking and the voice just sounds too practiced, too rehearsed to be spontaneous.

Like in the beginning when she “acknowledged” by name several of the players, and they cut away to Martha but the picture is just a bit different (lighting wise) and you know she’s doing it after they have all left and she’s like “now who the fuck was that?”

More blatant is in the Conference Room, there are places where her voice just doesn’t sound right, it’s too pure, there’s no background noise.  It’s apparent that they recorded these sessions after it was taped, the biggest giveaway is when they don’t show her face.

By this time you’re probably saying: “Why isn’t Michael watching Lost?”  Well I’m taping that, cuz the bastards put Martha on at the same time!


captain_howdy_girl said...

I watched it too, I was going to make a few bloggy remarks myself but you beat me to it. Ahhh hell I will probably say something anyway.

clew said...

Michael, I can't believe you didn't watch Lost and tape Martha. We need to talk! ;)

Michael said...

Clew - Typically I'm not a "tape" kind of person but here is my reasoning.

We're leaving for Vegas this afternoon, so I had to pack last evening. So I figured it would be easier to watch Martha (and not pay attention) and tape Lost (which I want to pay attention to), as well then I can just skip past those pesky commercials.