Friday, September 30, 2005

Will & Grace Season Premiere

Did anyone else watch the season opener of Will & Grace.

I must admit that I have not been the biggest W&G fan as of late, I just never seem to be around on Thursday nights to catch the original show, but do watch the re-runs on occasion.

Last night I had the chance to watch the opener, which you may not be aware, was a "LIVE PERFORMANCE"

The show had a bit of a "soap opera" look to it because it was live (vs. taped and edited) but that was easily overlooked. The cast did an amazing job last night, not only did they do it straight through to the first commercial break (15 minutes non-stop) but they never broke character.

Grace (Debra Messing) ALMOST did, which was hilarious because you could see she was trying so hard not to laugh when she was talking with Jack (Sean Hayes) but he brought her back to earth and they continued on.

The BEST part was when Jack took off his eye patch and he was missing his right eyebrow. The look on Grace's face was the best I have ever seen, it was obvious that it was the first time she (or anyone else on the cast) had see it becuase their reactions were so spontaneous. Then after he unveiled his "painted in" eyebrow to the cast, Karen (Megan Mullally) almost lost it but she never broke character.

Alec Baldwin was great (he really enjoys playing a gay man doesn't he?) It was too funny that they got a Tom Delay joke in there considering it had only happened the day before.

It is Will & Grace's last season, and that is ok! They had a great run - 7 years - and there will be others to follow. Thanks for making it ok to be gay : -) (at least on TV)

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