Friday, October 21, 2005


Uh oh, I just realized that yesterday I used pussy in a post and now boobies, I just need to work a penis in there somewhere and I’ve got all the genitalia there is.  I bet that I’m gonna get some really pissed off perverts over the next few weeks when they enter their search and end up here……..uh oh.

Seriously though, I need some help, I need a bra.  But I don’t know what size to get!
It wasn’t until I was over at the Family Dollar store getting a few more things for Halloween when I realized, I didn’t have a bra.  How was I planning on holding up my voluptuousness?

I figure that I’m a 42R in a suit, so does that mean I need a bra that’s 42”  Hell if that’s how you do it, I’m stacked and I haven’t even started doing anything yet!

I bought a beautiful pair of 2XL Stretch Pants (to wear under my dress) and I got a hot Orange knit top to wear under my sundress, I’m gonna be out there.  I also got several pairs of pantyhose, but I think I just got stockings because there was no mention of a cotton padded crotch, is that difference?

I was going to ask the girl at the store to help me pick out a bra, but I figured it was better if she just thought I had a fat girlfriend with really bad taste and huge thighs.

HELP!!!!!!  I can’t ask my Mom, we’re close but not that close!


xmichra said...

How about i just tell you how i do it :) Using a tape measure:

Under Bust - Hold the tape snugly, but not tight and take the circumference under the bust. Add either 4" or 5" to this measurement to make it an even number. Tis will equal your BAND size.
Upper Bust- Measure the circumference above the bust under the arms.
Full Bust- Measure the full bust circumference. Do not let the tape droop in back. Basically right over your nipples.

Determine the difference between the upper bust, and the full bust
If te firrerence equals :
2" B cup, 3" C cup, 4" D cup. I figure you would be in that range if your are boasting your vuluptuousness ;)

Hope that helped even a little. Hell i had a real hard tiem the first time i got a bra that actually fit.. so good luck to you! And if all else fails, just get a HUGE one and fill er up!

OH, and yes that is the main difference between pantyhose and stockings. That, and stockings tend to be of a heavy matterial like wool or cotton.

Michael said...

WOW Xmichra!!! That was a very thorough often do you have to go through that ritual, once a week?

The Boyfriend and I will have to measure each other up!

I hope I'm D Cup, I've always wanted big ones!

xmichra said...

goodness, i sent my reply to your e-mail. I am such a blog idiot @)

Kat said...

lmao. I was gonna send you to the Victoria's Secret website, they have a great size guide and how-to fit guide for bras. But it looks like xmichra filled you in.

Good luck!

captain_howdy_girl said...

now I know why none of my bras fit...

ahhhh "ddqaz"
damn screwed it up again "juovib"