Monday, October 31, 2005

Both Videos at 6

Both Videos at 6
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How Creepy.....

I went to my You Tube account today to see how my movies are doing.

I have two up there, one is me dancing like a fool and the other is one I made of NYC.

In the 1930's a photographer took all these photographs of NYC. Then in the 90's another guy went through and re-created all of the photographs to compare the Change of NYC over time.

So, my NY Movie was at 66 views, and my dancing movie was at 666.

How creepy is that, on Halloween it was all 6's.......oooohhhhhh


Kat said...


xmichra said...

Okay, first of all.. what song was that plaing in the background of your dance?? I would like it.

Second, that was great! Wish I lived where you do so I could show your cuteness off!!

Third, what is the significance of the necklace? I see you wear it all the time. Is it something important or do you just like it??