Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Caution the moving walkway is about to end

Oh god, that’s what I’ve got to listen to for the next hour and a half, but that is so much better than screaming children any day.

I’m at the airport again, this is twice within a week that I’ve been at Midway Airport (MDW) flying out to see a customer.

I was calling Sales Reps yesterday and got in touch with one in Connecticut, who proceeds to say “Geez, I wish you would have called last week, I’m having a big vendor show at The Customer Site tomorrow.”

Well little did she know that we had just gotten a big travel approval budget for the end of the year, so I asked my boss if I could go and viola I’m on my way to Hartford.

I’ve been at the airport 30 minutes and these are the observations I’ve seen thus far:

- Going through security – you’d think that at 4 years since 9/11 people would KNOW how to get through security at the airport. Empty the pockets, take off the coats, take off the shoes and belt (if you’re wearing a big Texas Style belt buckle), pull your laptop out and push everything through the x-ray machine. You then gingerly step through the magnetron and pray to the gods that you don’t set off any alarms.

- STAND on the right and walk on the left – why is this such a difficult concept for Americans to grasp. There are even little signs that indicate what you’re to do, but no you have to stand next to your girl/boyfriend holding hands and blocking traffic behind you.

- Backward Hats & Pooka Shell Necklaces – will these trends never go out of style? I’m not a big “hat” person myself, but I never understand the concept of wearing a hat backwards so the bill is out of the way, why? It’s not like you’re wearing the hat to protect yourself from the sun when you wear it that way, I guess I’m not 19 and a Frat boy so I’ll never understand that.

- Screaming Customers – I love it when people are wrong and they try to take it out on the Gate Agent. They screwed up, they booked the wrong flight, they’re at the wrong gate, but they insist on yelling. I’ve worked in Customer Service for years (15+) and I get no greater joy in life then telling a screaming/yelling customer that the problem they caused was their own fault and no fault of the company….ahhhh bliss.

- Boy Capris & Black socks – I’ll never understand this, when did Boy Capris become “ok” and in style. I guess some guys are just afraid to show their knees in public, poor things.


xmichra said...

capri's and socks are ALWAYS wrong. It's not just you. Same withthe backward hat thing... don't get that either.

Was 'Wicked' the book about the witch of the west? Just need a reference.

Kat said...

I don't get the backward hat thing either, except I have seen guys that do it temporarily while working to get it out of the way.

Capri's on a guy sounds wierd. I can't picture it.