Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fast Credits

I was just flipping the channels and I ended on Entertainment Tonight, I'm not a big watcher of these celebrity follow-along shows, because honestly I could care less what celebrity is doing what with whom in the porta potty (Paris Hilton in case you were wondering, she's a ho), but I'm going off track.

It was the very end of the show, you know the part when the credits go by. Now I must say, I've seen a lot of credits roll by over the years. Movies are nice and slow so you can read everything. First run TV shows are moderate that you can catch every third person, syndicated is a bit so you catch every 5th one.

But the ones on Entertainment Tonight, there was on physical way that you could read ANY of those credits, now I'm sure if you were taping it and did it in slo-mo you'd be able to read them, but physically there was no way.

Until, you got to the parts that told you who supplied the Hosts clothes and jewelry, I had NO PROBLEM reading them.

Which makes me think that Entertainment Tonight doesn't care about any of the people that work on their show, they don't care enough to give them credit that is due. BUT, like America, they pay homage to the Big Corporations and the sponsors, screw the people that do the job, let's thank the people that give us free clothes.

***UPDATED - After a comment from Magpie****

I read an article earlier this week where it was stated that in The UK Product placement, in which companies supply props and other considerations in exchange for publicity, is illegal and is banned by the BBC.

Unlike the US where a sponsor gives a producer $5 and they're plastered all over the place.


Ms Mac said...

Ooooh, well said Michael!

Rob7534 said...

Dam those sponsers! :)

Magpie said...

well said...product placement should be banned...


xmichra said...

It is all learned from an early age. Sriously, you get bombarded from childhood. Look at something as simple as Seasame Street.. anyone remember the end of the show? you watch a wole hour, then "this hour was brought to you by the letter 's' and the number '9'"...
frickin conspiracy ;)