Thursday, October 27, 2005

Furry Collars and Furry Cleavage

When I was at the $$$ Store making my Halloween purchases, one of the things I got for The Boyfriend (besides eye shadow) was a little fleece "coat" with leopard fur trim on the arms and the collars, it was $10 I spend more than that on a round of cocktails.

As I was waiting in line to checkout the woman behind me, who was of European Descent and spoke with an accent, said:

"oohhh, des is leek mine"

Yep, she was wearing the same coat

"I get here, I like very much, very cute"

I really didn't want to burst this ladies bubble and tell her this was a Halloween present for me. I mean that would have just been mean, so I thought it was better that she thought I was being a good boyfriend/husband and buying my girlfriend/wife something nice to wear. I just hope to god she's not using me as an example to her husband "Why don't you buy me nice things? There was this nice clean shaven boy at the store today buying all sorts of things for his wife, braws and panties, coats he even buys her makeup for her. Why don't you buy me anything?"

Oh god, I hope that doesn't happen.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna have furry cleavage, I'm not shaving down there (and by down there I mean North of the Navel, I already had my Brazilian Wax for Bush earlier this week thanks to Veggie


captain_howdy_girl said...

thanks for the plug my furry friend ;-)

Karen said...

I never really know what to say when I am buying something ultra-tacky, either a piece of clothing or a gag souvenir, and the salesperons comments on how nice the article is. Poor lady!