Friday, October 21, 2005

Getting Ready for Halloween - Hot Pants

Originally uploaded by mlehet.
Here's part two of my costume.

I got these at Family Dollar for $8.00 It's nice to know that woman's XL is big on me.

I especially love the belt on these pants, depending on how fat you are, that little butterfly in the front goes up and down.

I'm gonna see how high I can get it!


xmichra said...

Those are some hot pants! Love the butterfly.. but might want to take it off.. lest you want it to be a natural 'love meter' ;)

Mike said...

I gotta a pair like that. I once bought some nylons from Family Dollar, but they sucked! No Really, nice blog!

Magpie said...

fab pants, i can't wait to see it all together, not long now...


Rob7534 said...

Michael you are "hawt" in those pants!