Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005
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Ok, this is what you've all been waiting for.

Last night was The Big Night in every gay boys life, The First Halloween Party.

The Boyfriend came over early, we got all of our costumes together, had our makeup laid out and jumped right into it.

We had a bit of a problem with the fake eyelashes and the tights were really tight, but we finally pulled it all together.

We ended up not going to the Work Party but instead going to a "Bear Party."

What's a Bear Party? Well imagine a whole bunch of big hairy guys running around in little to nothing and the whole party being one shirt away from an orgy, that's a Bear Party.

When we walked in, they ACTUALLY knew who I was supposed to be, which was hilarious. I thought people would have no idea.....they didn't get The Boyfriend, they thought that he was Carrie Donovan (that lady from the Old Navy commercials).

I think we looked tragic, but that was half of the fun.

We were the only boys in dresses, which made us pretty popular in fact!

So after weeks of preparation and shopping it is now all over, why do good things need to come to an end?

Oh wait, this doesn't really need to end, that's the great thing about being a Gay Boy, it can be Halloween EVERY WEEKEND!

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Kat said...

Cool costumes. Glad you two had fun.

xmichra said...

those pics are just Ab Fab dahling!!!

I cannot believe you guys did so well with the nylons! I can barely get tem to stay that high, good for you!!!

I would assume that a bear party is much the opposite a hen party? Looks like you guys were the only really decked out ones.. were there any others as good?? (besides dorothy, that was ingenious)

Rob7534 said...


You didn't tell me about the "Bear Party" I would have wanted to go too!

You gotta let me know these things :)

Karen said...

Love the way you got the pouty look without having to pout!

Stac said...

great pics!!

Nickle Annie said...

How adorable are you two! I could just eat you up! :)

Aims said...

Fantastic photos. You seem to have had a great time!