Sunday, October 02, 2005

How does that feel?

- Deep Cleansing Mask
- Exfoliation
- Toning
- Clarifying Treatment
- Mini-Microdermabrasion
- Facial Massage
- Moisturizing Treatment

That's what Amy did to me yesterday afternoon at a "man salon." A Man Salon you say? What is that? Well it's a really fancy salon geared towards men, so they don't feel threatened getting a back waxing or a manicure/pedicure. Someplace that is all wood and exposed duct working and TV's playing baseball, see if they play baseball on TV it's gotta be good.

Last Christmas I received a gift certficate from a friend for this extravaganza and I just got around to using it. It was the perfect time as well with all of the traveling and carrying on that has been going on as of late.

We both went down yesterday (the friend that gave me the GC) he had a "stress relief" package to use up, as we were waiting for our appointed time I asked my friend "Do you think this is a 'full release' facial." Little did I know.

It was the first facial I've had and I must admit, it was amazing. I've had professional full body massages before but this was 100x better. I was so relaxed during the experience that I felt like I was floating, but I was fully cognizent of what was going on around me. The street noise, the people talking outside in the salon, but I was so relaxed.

I was laying face up on a massage table, in a dimly lit room with a cd playing quiet "nature music" all very conducive to relaxing.

The facial massage felt so good, but when it was followed by a hot towel (four times I might add) it was the most relaxing experience. I think that at one point I did fall asleep because I sort of remember having some sort of dream (or a whole bunch of colors I can't recall), but the next thing I knew was I felt a tap on my shoulder telling me it was over (45 minutes later).

I sort of woke up and said "oh I hope I didn't snore" and she said "just a little bit" I never would have thought that I would fall asleep but I did!

If you've never had a facial, I would highly recommend it. My face feels so clean and alive, I could just imagine what it would feel like if I wore makeup/foundation etc on a regular basis like most women, so treat yourself. Go out and spend the $50-60 and do it, I think you'd love it.

So now am I not only carrying a Murse but I'm going to Man-Salons - where will the madness end?


Aims said...

that sounds great. I had a facial once when I was seriously hungover & it was really nice but unfortunately the hangover kinda ruined the experience & I've alway promised myself I'd have another. Must get round to it!

captain_howdy_girl said...

That would be a nightmare to me, people touching me!
My Mom forced me to get a manicure one day, it was agonizing have someone massage my hands. I was supposed to get a pedicure but I flat out refused.

PS: my word ver is a chortform for muthafucka

captain_howdy_girl said...

did i just say chort? I meant shhhhhhhooooorrrrtttt.

Me can be so stoopid

clew said...

Hey, it takes a lot of work to be so smooth.

Hey Michael, I tagged you. I hope you don't mind. :)

Gretchen said...

I had my first facial this summer in Poland! Anyway, I loved it and look forward to doing it again sometime. Not in Switzerland, however, it's too expensive here.

Lulu said...

Oh how I love zee facial! I sometimes think they're better than full-body massages too somehow.

Rock on with your Murse and your facials!

clew said...

P.S. I was thinking/blogging about Chichen Itza today, and the sacred sinkhole.

Karen said...

You are an inspiration to all us chicks out here!