Friday, October 28, 2005

Is he making a grilled cheese?

Is he making a grilled cheese?
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I don't typically look at the spam email I get every day, but for some reason I clicked on the link to one.

This was one of the pictures in his "collection" Which got me to thinking, he's really not that smart.

He's naked and making a grilled cheese?!?

HELLO, that is almost the stupidest thing to do when your naked, bacon is the totally wrong thing to cook when you're naked.

But seriously, oh wait, he's enticing people with pictures of himself naked making a grilled cheese, he's not serious.

I thought I would share, and I hope to god that poor thing ate that sammich, that or else he just pushed it around the plate and made fun of it. Poor sammich.


Kat said...

He needs to eat something, he's a bit scrawny, ain't he??

Rob7534 said...

All I can say is... YUM :)

ads510 said...

my fiance used to cook bacon naked, and then he got splattered REALLY he has a special "makin' bacon" shirt. hehe...makin' bacon :)

Nickle Annie said...

Maybe he is "really" making a "hot dog" ;P

Aims said...

HOW SKINNY??? That aint nice!