Friday, October 21, 2005

My girlfriend who lives in Tulsa

Ok, not really as I don't have a girlfriend, but apparently the folks in Tulsa have no other news to report than this: LINK

Someone bought a used (now that's the keyword in this sentence) memory card for their PSP and lo and behold it had something on it already. Can you believe that? A used memory card that might have something on it....well it was pron!

Allegedly a wife bought a used PSP Memory Card for her husband (because it's cheaper she said, but it's probably because they had run out of their welfare money for the month), and when the plugged it into thier PSP they watched pron, at least 3 episodes.

Ok folks, get over it, delete it, move on...don't call the TV station and say "OMG I'm so offended I bought this thing, I can't trace it back to anyone, but my neighbors child may have been traumatized if they had stolen this package from the UPS driver and actually used it, you've got to do something."

MOVE ON's pron, big deal! Delete it and get a life. Well I guess I could get a life too since I'm sitting here writing about it : -)

Hey, Happy Friday!


Magpie said...

it makes me laugh that they continued to watch it, you would have been formatting that little card


Kat said...

Apparently they weren't too offended if they watched it enough to find out what was on it. I bet the hubby kept that little card for himself! lol

xmichra said...

Even more so, they watched THREE EPISODES.. you know, to make sure they were REALLY offended.. hehe

Rob7534 said...

is it "pron" or Porn :) I don't think I'll like pron much either. But I loves me some good Porn.