Friday, October 07, 2005

Never lend money to friends

I’m so frustrated right now, a person that I consider a friend is raking me over the coals and it is pissing me off. This is only rant, repeat, this is only a rant.

Let me give you some background, about a month ago a friend calls me up about 7:00 on a Friday night, I had just settled in for the evening because The Boyfriend had other commitments and I was planning a nice evening at home with a bottle of wine which had just been opened. The cell phone rings and it’s my friend who frantically says “Oh my god, my dog is sick I don’t know what’s wrong with him, will you go to the Vet with me I don’t want to go alone?”

Well I had already consumed a glass and a half of wine and I tell him, yeah I’ll go, but I can’t drive (I will not drive when I’ve been drinking or smoking – period) but I’ll go with you for support. He tells me, yeah that’s ok, I’m using my room-mates car.

So he picks me up and we drive off to the vet, the whole time I’m sitting in the back seat with the dog petting him and holding his head. The entire time I am continuously reminded that it is this exact reason why I don’t have pets. When I was growing up we always had animals – dogs, cats, cows, chickens – because I grew up on a farm….but what did it for me was when I saw our pet dog get run over and killed and the driver just kept on going – I don’t want to have to watch my pets die again.

We get to the vet we’re there about 2 hours they fix the doggy up and the bill comes…..we’re standing there and my friend says “I only have $260 in my checking account so I’m just going to write them a check and deal with it later.” The total was almost $400.00

Now mind you, he had just gotten paid (and I know how much he makes) so he writes the check out hands it to the girl who proceeds to run it through the machine where it is immediately rejected because there aren’t enough funds to cover the amount written on the check… friend is like “oh shit, what do I do.”

Well I had just been home for my Grandmother’s funeral and my Mom had given me some play money so I told him, you know what I’ll pay for it and you pay me back.

So a few weeks go past and I hear nothing regarding his ability to pay me back – but during this time he’s told me that he “got” $1000 to help pay down some of his bills, so I assumed that he was figuring me in on one of those bills, but I was wrong. So I asked him earlier this week “hey, any idea when you can pay me back the Vet bill?”

He gives me this look of “what you talking about Willis?” And he stammers along, “oh well I can give you half of this week when I get paid.” So I push him “and then the other half?” “oh the following week.”

So Friday rolls around – payday – and I ask him again “Hey, do you have a check for me?” “Oh I’ll have it for you next week.” “Next week,” I say, “you told me this week.”

“Well yeah, but work short changed my paycheck by $100 and they’re not gonna cut me an extra check they’re gonna add it onto next week’s check, so I can give you some of the money then.”

“Half, right?” I say “Oh…..yeah….I guess so.”

So now here’s my question that I’m asking myself because I consider this person a good friendDo you think that the only reason he asked me to go along to the Vet with him was because he knew he didn’t have enough money in his account to cover it and he knew I would pay for it?


Lulu said...

Ouch, I could see how this would upset you.

The whole thing does seem a bit orchestrated, but then again is this out of character for him? Does he usually call you up to ask for moral support?

Maybe he's just being a flake this time.

But don't give up on getting your money back. Ask him ALL the time. Make him write you the checks ahead of time. Or SOMETHING.

Michael said...

Well not out of character to seek moral support...but it just seemed a little "planned" is all.

Robin said...

It does seem fishy to me, too. What an uncomfortable situation for you. Lulu's right, don't give up on getting your cash back. Pester the crap out of him. And don't lend him $$$ again!

Kat said...

I have heard everyone of those excuses before. All from the same person.

I won't name names.

I think you should ask him EVERY payday until he pays up.

Anne said...

I can't believe this, I get embarrased when I have to ask for a euro from a friend if I don't have enough change. And they alwys get it back in as soon as I do.

Thanks for your comments on my blog BTW!

captain_howdy_girl said...

I hate hate hate hate hate people like that!
I very rarely borrow but I have been dumb enough to lend. I don't really have anything to compare to what happened to you. But every time I lend a CD or a book I never get it back. What makes people think that if you enjoyed the CD or the book it's okay to keep it? I loaded a CD to someone I trusted a week ago, I know it hasn't been very long but I have a feeling I will never get it back.
I can only think of one time I borrowed money. I bought Heidi (my dog) on a Wednesday and I didn't get paid until Friday. I borrowed $200 from someone. I paid them back as soon as I got paid and I bought them dinner and let them name the dog. Hindsight tells me letting them name a dog who will be stuck with a stupid name for 15 years was over the top.
I think you're right, you got screwed over. He probably took you there knowing he could get you to pay but he may have actually believed he would pay you back. Unfortunately some people see no point in paying for something after they have it.
Take him to small claims court. I don't know for sure what it's like in the states but I thought you paid like $35 to file a claim and if you win the defendant has to pay you your money and your court costs.

Andi said...

I thinkl you should make him write you a check postdated, that way, when you cash it if, it it bounces you are making it worse for him, he has to pay you charges too, and it blackens his name in his credit report.

Harsh, but you know what? So is having to constantly ask for when you are getting it back.

I know whenever I have borrowed money I have always paid it back on tme and paid them extra money for lending it to me (even though they don't take the extra but the offer was there)

Andi said...

Oh and remember this Zen saying:

"If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it."


Kirsten said...

You could always take it to Judge Judy :) I'm sure she would take your side (and tell the guy what an idiot he is, as well)

xmichra said...

totally sounds like a set up to me. But I have been there.

Just stoped in, hope you don't mind, nice blog you have here.

Mike Joosten said...

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