Monday, October 24, 2005

A New Movie

Here's a new movie I've created and posted, take a look if you have a few minutes, if you'd like to see my other movie you can check it out at this link

***UPDATED*** I thought I should come back here and give you a little information on this movie. In the 1930's a famous photographer took hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of NYC. Showing everything from factories to tenement houses to stores, bakerys, etc. Fast Forward to the 1990's when another photographer recreated those exact same photographs, even down to the same time of year and time of day if necessary. It's amazing to see how NYC as a city has changed, but at the same time has remained fairly constant over the last 60+ years. I hope that you enjoy it.


Kat said...

That was so neat! Some of it was completely different, but there was a lot that looks the same. You wouldn't expect so much to still look the same.

xmichra said...

way cool. It is amazing to see how dead on the photos were. just the angles and the spots.. wow. I have never been to NY, but it looks like it hasn't strayed SO far away from its history.
great job!