Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Nightmare Comes True

I'm currently in Minneapolis, MN attending a small vendor show for my company.

I'm representing one of the "groups" from our corporate office which is cool, and I've been to this customer location before so I'm getting to see a few people from last year.

Today we had a break between sessions for lunch, so myself and 3 co-workers from Minneapolis went to lunch.

The worst thing in the world that could happen......happened. The main topic of conversation over our Mexican food was, oh my god, football.

I know nothing about Football, I don't know much about baseball or basketball, but at least I "understand" those games. But football I just don't understand, downs, 1st of 20, fumbles, tackles, oh my goodness.

I just sat there with a glazed look on my face as they quoted sports scores, players, coaches, good schools to go to etc, I'd nod my head every now and again and feign interest but it was a terribly frightening experience.

I hope that none of you are ever forced to go through something like that.


Andi said...

OMG! I have that glazed expression whenever my husband talks about football, money, cars, baseball, electronics, physics, metallurgy........

Need I go on?

The Big Finn said...

I'm in the same boat...except when it comes to musicals and Broadway showtunes. ;-)
Fifteen years of sales/business lunches and dinners with customers who were into the strangest things (i.e. pigeon breeding, harness racing, etc.) taught me to carry a conversation on ANY topic. Just remember to keep them talking with open-ended type questions and comments, and act like it's the most interesting thing you've ever heard.
For example: So, what do think will happen? Then what did you do? How does that work? What comes next? You're kidding!
Mrs. TBF and I sat through many a business dinner where Mr. & Mrs. Customer did 95% of the talking, and they probably walked away thinking that we were the greatest conversationalists ever.

clew said...

Don't let stuff like that get to you, hon. So you're not into football - who cares? If anyone asks, just shrug it off and say so. If anyone thinks you're bizarre for that, it's their problem, not yours. :D

... Hmmm ... Maybe I'm just so used to being the oddball, it doesn't affect me anymore ;)

Ms Mac said...

Oh Michael, my thouughts are with you at this difficult time!

Karen said...

I'm going to a lunch today for which I have to google the topic beforehand. At least I have a super-snaz suit to wear and will look good while repeating the wisdom of wikipedia!