Friday, October 28, 2005

Peeing in the Street

Going on the Street
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Someone sent me this picture in an email today of "strange toilets from around the world."

Does anyone know where this could be?

I want to know so that I don't mistakenly go there.

I have a hard enough time peeing in the urinal at Wrigley Field, there would be NO WAY in the world that I would be able to stand in the middle of the street and pee.

I'm shrinking just thinking about it!

I wonder what the girls get?


xmichra said...

I like how they put the little "mens" decals on the urinals.. incase anyone doesn't realise.. hehe.

xmichra said...
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xmichra said...

I had too delete that last one.. oops!

The picture is from Charing Cross in London Uk.

There are others in Amsterdam too.

Lucky for me my 'useless knowledge' file of my brain remembers this!!! I just forgot that the London ones have the little guy on them and the amsterdam ones so not.. oh, and the background is significantly different. heh.

xmichra said...

They actaully only bring these out when it is busy for the 'bar rush' and other such things. It is to try and get guys not to 'relieve' tehmsleves in the streets or on buildings since the lives for the lou are so long. they take them back at morning to wash them down and such, but bring them out for festivals and stuff with high traffic. personally think it is so very gross... but i guess i would rather that then some bloke pissing on my building.

The Big Finn said...

I actually saw urinals like these when I was Amsterdam a few weeks ago.

Magpie said...

yes they are in england, hideous, although better than pissing up a wall which is what they normally do...


Anonymous said...

Tha's Amsterdam for sure, likely Dam Square.