Friday, November 04, 2005

Another Reason Why AOL Sucks

I used to have AOL, to give you an idea of how long ago that was, it was way back when you had to pay for usage by the hour. I think it was like $6.00 which was like $0.10 a minute which doesn't sound like much...but like Andi I got that one bill that totally freaked me out and made me realize how much time I was spending on there.

My first bill for AOL service was like $150 (and this was more than 10 years ago) when I was poor and didn't have an extra $150 sitting around to give to AOL.

But I digress......I actually got rid of AOL about 2 years ago. I got DSL and didn't need to use AOL for dialup any longer, but I lowered my service plan and kept it on, and then eventually decided to cancel.

They really make you go through hoops to cancel their service, I guess they figure if you get frustrated enough you'll just keep paying the $14.95 a month and say WTF. I think when I canceled I talked to at least 4 people, the first person tried to offer me something, she said let me let you talk to this guy to cancel, etc. etc.

Finally after they were offering me the world, and I was totally pissed off, I said, "do you really want to know why I'm canceling AOL?" The guy said, "Why yes, we always want to know why customers choose to leave."

"Well," I started, "I met this girl (lie #1) in one of your chat rooms, we chatted for a while and eventually met up, she was really hot, we had coffee and got it on, it was REALLY HOT, if you know what I mean. Well after about a week of seeing her almost everyday it started to burn when I peed, so I went to my doctor and I found out I had gonorrhea." I could hear the guy audibly gasp, "So I got that taken care of and then I found out the bitch gave me herpes. But the real reason I'm canceling my AOL service, she was only 15 and I'm going to jail so I'm really not gonna need AOL there because I'm gonna be making a whole lot of other friends. So can you just cancel my account?"

Wouldn't you know it, the guy canceled my account and actually gave me a 3 month credit because he felt so bad.

But the real reason AOL sucks, they keep sending me those CD's to re-join (can't blame them) but on the last CD they sent me there was a little piece of paper that said "10 Free Games on this CD" so I decided to see what games were on there.

The bastards didn't put any games on the CD, they just gave me the paper to make me think that there were games on the disc. The directory location they provided on their paper didn't even exist.

So I think I'm gonna sue, anyone want to join me? They offered me something but didn't follow through on their side of it, that sucks!


xmichra said...

I get those cds too. I figure it must be like you guys finding canadian money in your change...

Kat said...

I've never even had AOL, and I hate getting those cds.

Aims said...

I am still with AOL. They make me cry!!!!!

Ms Mac said...

Gahhh! I have heard such bad things about AOL ever since the internet was invented! Thankfully, they've never had my custom nor are they ever likely to!

Expat Traveler said...

I stuck with AOL for something like 6 years but then once something bigger and better came around, I was out. I'm glad wireless is around and that I've ventured across continents to have my world change.