Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ask The Fruitcake Lady

I apologize that my recent posts have been crap! But I'll be back to posting regular crap very soon, it's just been a busy week. Halloween really took it out of me.

It's hard being a girl, so kudo's to all of you out there.

A friend shared this video with me and it's hilarious, check it out.

I don't typically watch Jay Leno, I'm more of a David Letterman fan (I guess Jay's chin sorta scares me a little bit, plus he's in California and Dave is in NYC), apparently this is a bit from the Tonight Show with Jay, not sure how often she is on but I think you'll love her.


SwissTwist said...

Absolutely brilliant!! I can't stop laughing. Ihope she's a regular Leno feature!

(Could you email it to me please)

thanks babe!

Kat said...

OMG! She's so funny!
She reminds me of my Granny.

Ms Mac said...

A whole array of penises! What a thought!

I am also much more of a Letterman fan.