Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Boyfriend - A Review

No not MY Boyfriend, The Boyfriend - the musical.

We went to see this show last night at the beautiful Chicago Theater on State Street, this theater is so beautiful inside I always enjoy going there. I’ve actually seen several shows there – Alicia Keys, The Shaolin Monks, Slava’s Snowshow and now The Boyfriend.

I should start by saying that I’m on the Chicago Theater’s email list and I constantly get emails about new programs coming…well back in June, yes June, I got one about this show and that it was directed by Julie Andrews, it was also the show that was her Broadway Debut way back when…so I went out quickly and got tickets. When I got the tickets the seats were AA but they have a funky way of doing their seats theres AAA-EEE and then AA-PP and then C-R, all on the floor?!? So if you think you’re in the front your probably not.

Well, let’s just say this, we had a great view of the orchestra pit we saw the sweat flying off the boys as they were dancing and it was very apparent to us that it was several degrees colder on stage than it was in the Theater (i.e. nippliage).

The show was written in 1953 but is actually set in Nice France, 1926 at a Finishing School for girls. Polly Brown is the most popular girl and the daughter of a millionaire, she’s so popular that she thinks the only reason boys want to be with her is because of her money, so she makes up boyfriends (The Boyfriend).

There’s a big Carnival coming up and all the girls have their costumes and their boyfriends have their matching outfits as well, except for Polly who’s waiting for her Boyfriend to motor in from Paris.

Sub-Plot – Polly’s father comes to town to visit, finds out that the Head Mistress (Ms. Dubonnet) is actually an old love interest, apparently they hung out in Paris at some time, but I couldn’t figure out when (they were both in their 60’s) so it had to have been in the 1890’s or so.

So Polly ends up meeting a boy, he’s a Messenger (he delivered her costume) they instantly fall in love musical style and start singing about how they could be happy together (what if he’s a junkie and she’s addicted to TV? I thought it was a little quick for me, but the show must go on). She tells the messenger boy that she’s a secretary so that he won’t be after her money.

Sub-Sub Plot – These two people are looking for their son who ran away from Oxford – well come to find out, it’s The Messenger Boy, but Polly thinks he’s a thief and loses her heart of him and is sad for the rest of the show.

Like all good musicals there was a happy ending, all the girls married their beau’s, Polly’s Father got it on with the Head Mistress in the Beach Cabana, The parents found their son, and Polly is sure to get some now from The Messenger Boy.

This was a great show, sitting in the front row it really felt as though they were putting on the show just for me, I would highly recommend front row seating for all future productions if you can afford it. The songs were really cheesy (think 1950’s) the dancing was really great, very energetic and upbeat and the set was very interesting (think cartoonish but stylish).

We never did see Julie Andrews the bitch must have been hiding backstage the whole time!

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Rob7534 said...


I have to got see that, how long will it be at the chicago theatre? Dam I wish I had more money. IT was a great review Michael, and sounds you had a fab time.

I only sit in the front row of the threatre during rehearsals, I've never actually sat in the front during a performance, but I prefer dead in the middle of the theatre.

Most of the larger theatres have a stage that is so high, I'd hate to have to look UP just to watch the show, that might give me a crik in my neck, if I was in the front row.

What else will you be seeing at the theatre this year? Anything special?