Monday, November 28, 2005

Fat Asses not good for Vaccines

Check out this article

Apparently a study was done to determine if people who had fat asses and received shots in the ass received an effective dosage of the medication.

My favorite line:

"We are the first to report that the majority of intramuscular injections into the buttocks are not effective in the Western adult population," said Victoria O. Chan.

Way to go North America! We should all be proud.


xmichra said...

Damn It Michael... now I am in fear of my flu shoot being moot! haha..

xmichra said...

"Uhm...they give you flu shots in your arm....not your butt : -)

You get penicillin in your butt....."

Now I am REALLY worried.. haha!! I was kidding, I didn't even get a flu sot this year, I was more refering to my Vente Arse. heh.

Mike said...

Oh, this is great! What a study! Thanks! Cool Blog!

Rob7534 said...

So that's why they made me re-take all my vaccination shots when I showed up at college with no medical records!

They took one look at my fat ass, and signed me up!

How RUDE! I should sue.

The Big Finn said...

Like I always say: "Never trust an Irish researcher named Chan!"!