Sunday, November 06, 2005


Card Shopping
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If I were to admit to having a fetish, I would have to admit that it is office and stationary supplies.

I don't know what it is about a mechanical pencil or colored markers, but I can sit and look through a Staples Catalog with the same vigor that a 5 year old looks through the Sears Christmas Wishbook.

In fact, I used to work with this girl and every Sunday morning (we were waiters) we would drool over the Office Depot circular that was in the weekly paper.

My other big like is stationary and cards. I love finding unique and interesting cards, there are millions of them out there. There's nothing like finding the perfect card for the perfect situation, even if you haven't come up to that situation yet.

I also enjoy stationary, there are so many colors, designs, textures that it's overwhelming. In this day of email the interweb cell phones and blackberry's I think there's nothing nicer than opening up your mailbox and finding a card or a handwritten letter. Granted my handwriting sucks, but I do like to sit down and just "drop a line" to someone.

I used to do this with my Grandmother, several times throughout the year I would send a card, a package, a letter and she would send a letter in return.

I found a few of those letters the other day. At the time they seemed so usual, so normal, but now looking back over them, I see how precious they are.

She would have been 88 years old this past week.

I'll miss you Grammy.


xmichra said...

I love letters. it is so personal and you can truely hear the persons voice in your head. i only write to one of my gal pals from days of ol'. hehe.

She and I are the only two who write.. but it is almost like being sent back in time to a place that wasn't as grown up. it's nice to have the break, and I love getting her letters in the mail. I will set a time up just to read it. Put my daughter to bed, get a cup of tea and snuggle with my green plush blanket in my corner of the upstairs living room, and just let her words envelope me. *sigh*, i really love letters.

Ms Mac said...

Grannies are great, I only have one left and she's very precious.

I too love stationery, I get all goosebumpy when I see reams of paper and boxes of staples! Loving that card as well! ;-)

Rob7534 said...

I gave up writing on paper once I got my first computer. Sometimes it feels weird, like when I go online to print a grocery list. It's faster just to write it out by hand, but NO! I like the clipart :)

Kat said...

I have different notebooks to scribble lists and stuff in all over the house. I still get excited in the fall when they put school supplies out. I just love it in "You've got Mail" when they are talking about fall and school supplies. Tom Hanks says "If I knew where you lived I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils." I can smell the school supplies when he says that!!

clew said...

I'm SO with you on the office supply and stationery fetish! Drives my husband crazy, my hoarding of pens and papers - and I CANT STOP BUYING THEM!!!

I used to write letters to my Grandma all the time too. For many years before her death I would save them all, even the "mundane" ones that really said nothing other than "hi" - because I knew one day she'd be gone.

Seemed a little morbid to think that way at the time, but I'm glad I had the notion. Grandma died in March and I treasure every note from her now.

I know how much you miss her - thinking of you!

Karen said...

Hand-written letters and grandparents should both be treasured.

A touching post.