Thursday, November 10, 2005

Here's more of those urinal things

WJT 2005 - 16
Originally uploaded by psychOsaka.
I'd have Uromisotisis if this is where I had to pee all the time.

**Bonus Points-for those "in the know"


Rob7534 said...

Is someone developing a Urninal Fetish? :)

Nickle Annie said...

Ohhhhh, I love games!


Michael said...

Rob - Well you know what I hadn't really thought about it that way since they actually freak me out a bit, but perhaps I am.

Nickle - I'm not sure. I found it on the Flickr site of a guy who appeared to be at the Pope's Youth I think it was Germany.

I should have been more clear on the bonus points, anyone know where Uromisotisis comes from

xmichra said...

cologne germany i believe. by a fairground, the one that hosted the youth conference. but i know not for sure ;)

xmichra said...

oh11 seinfeld!! *dar*