Thursday, November 17, 2005

I've been found out

So last week or so I was going through my site meter log and I see "someone" going through the archives, which triggers an express interest in wondering who would want to read that.

Well come to find out, it was The Boyfriend. I had told him that I had a blog, but I didn't give him the address.....directly.

I have enough other places that link to this blog that I figured if he wanted to, he would be able to find it....well he found it.

He was a little surprised when I asked him about it, at first he said no but quickly changed his answer. Then he looked at me with a surprised look in his eyes and said "how did you know" I have my secrets.

The one thing he did mention was "So, I'm 'THE Boyfriend'" I told him I was protecting his identity, but then what the hell.

From this point forward, the character formerly known as The Boyfriend will be known as Dave (The Boyfriend).

I may post some stories about hopes that he doesn't come back here and read them (and correct my timeline and grammar).


Mike said...

Love your site.

xmichra said...

haha. my husband could care less that i have a blog.

Rob7534 said...

A few of my friends want to know the address to my BLOG, but I REFUSE to give it to them. Then I can't talk about them behind their backs anymore!


My best friend does read my blog sometimes though, he's such a jerk though, he told me the other day that I was too "verbose" and I should leave out the current events, cause that just bores him.

I was about read to kick his ass!

Andi said...

My husband gets pissed if I DON'T write about him! :)

Michael said...

Mike - Thanks I like your site too : -)

XM - I know what you mean!

Rob - Yeah The Boyfriend said the same thing about mine it was too "linear - day to day" well what the hell is a blog then?

Andi - You should make up stuff about G, see if he really is reading it : -)

captain_howdy_girl said...

Hi Dave! :-)))

SwissTwist said...

sooooo?? what did he say about the blog though? (other than "linear"?)

My hubby knows about my blog but doesn't read it as he says its my private place, so I get to rant about it if I want, though he doesn't give me enough material in that line! ha!

clew said...

Like Rob, I don't tell too many people in my real life about my blog, because I like having my own place. Then again, in case anyone stumbles upon it, I am careful not to put in black and white anything I wouldn't say to someone's face.

Subsequently, I just end up veiling my grievances under quaint stories. ;)

I didn't tell the Husband about my blog when I started it and when he found it he was upset. After he read through it though, he acknowledged that it was harmless. :)

Michael, your blog is always great to visit - thanks for keeping it up! I'm glad the Boyfriend is cool with it too :). and ... Hello Dave! Nice to match a name with the face! :)

Ms Mac said...

OMG! My comment came true!!!

Now if I wish comment enough times about George Clooney to come and visit your blog and then come and find me, it may come true too!

Hi Dave!

Karen said...

Cute! Hi Dave!

It's funny, 'cause I was going to ask you if you had told your friends about your blog having remembered back in the beginning you wrote that you didn't want to tell them but that you were bad at keeping secrets. I guess you've answered my question. At least when it comes to The Boyfriend. Ummm, I mean Dave!