Monday, November 28, 2005

My Butchness has been Extended

Since I had to change the tire on my car last week, I gave myself 6 months worth of Butch Points. I mean it wasn’t an easy task, it involved multiple pieces of equipment (jack, tire iron) and a heavy piece of metal covered by rubber, it’s worth at least 6 months.

Well today my account has been credited with 3 more months of Butch Points!

Got back from lunch and one of the girls on my team comes over and asks….do you have jumper cables? J just called me and her car won’t start so she wants me to come jump her car but I don’t have cables and I don’t know how to do it.

Of course I know how to jump a car I tell her, but alas I don’t have jumper cables….so we ask around the office and our Boss has, so we grab those and go jump the car.

Too bad, but the car wouldn’t start, I think it was her starter because it was turning over (so it had juice) but it wasn’t catching it was just doing that whirring sound. So I called her a Tow Truck and arranged for her to get to Sears.

So in the matter of less than a week I have:

- removed a flat tire and put the spare on
- attempted a jump start of a car in trouble

I’m Butch for the next 9 months! I’m so excited because I’m going to get something cool with the stamps they give you.


xmichra said...

Great job being all manly n' shit.


Lex said...

I hate changing a tire. Had to do it last winter in the blistering cold. I think it was like -40 with the wind chill.

By the time I was done I was one pretty ticked off chick.

Rob7534 said...

I dunno about the extra 3 months!

Let's Audit:

1. You didn't have any jumper cables to begin with (a true sign of the Butch Mystiqe.)
2. You techinically "borrowed" the cables from your Boss, with the assistance of your co-worker who helped you locate the cables.
3. The cables didn't work anyway.

I give you 2 Months, TOPS!

And only because you actually knew how to properly operate the jumper cables!

On second thought, 1.5 Months. In the absense of proof, how do we know the jump COULD HAVE WORKED, but you were not connecting them properly? Huh?

By law, I am required to disclose the fact that I am utterly devoid of any "domestic skills" at all, and wouldn't know what a tire-iron is, if it jumped up and bit me on the ass. And I would more than likely use "jumper cables" to tie the car that wouldn't start to my car, in an effort to "jump" start it.

So there you go :)

Michael said...

X - Thank you, would you please tell The Boyfriend that!

Lex - Changing a tire in the cold is the worst thing EVER

Rob - Ok, you've been talking to The Boyfriend haven't you? This smells of conspiracy!

Rob7534 said...

Dam, I thought I didn't need to take a shower today! :) Hope your still LMAO :)

Ed said...

If it was the starter motor, it wouldn't turn over, it could have been out of petrol, or the petrol pump might be broken. It's most likely to be the battery, though, after you connect up the jumpers you need to rev the engine quite hard on the working vehicle.

Ahh, my many years of Mini ownership and all those hours stood by the side of the motorway wondering why it hated me now seem worthwhile: I sound like I know about cars