Monday, November 21, 2005

A new movie

But this one is not mine, I found it today while I was surfing the web....I emailed myself the link so I could look at it at home, but I can't for the life of me remember WHERE I found this link. But I was just reminded where I found it:

Check out my friend Rob7534 where I've just found out that he's been posting ALL OF HIS SECRETS, it's some good reading!

This movie is amazing, quite spectaular actually and it really does deserve credit, I would like to thank the person who first made it.

So check it out:


xmichra said...

holy crap!! Could you imagine all the time that went into that!!! I wish I had such an elaborate display of lights!! Great find!

Rob7534 said...


Did you steal that link from my comments on my "Sexy Underware" post? I often leave links for myself on my Blog comments, because I don't always have access to email at work, so I put a link there to remind me to download it when I get home, and check my comments, as I ussually do.

I "borrowed" that from Tonya, she saw the link in my comments too and gave me shit about it :) Then again, it's quite presumputous for me to accuse you of reading my Blog, a fate worse than Death! :)

Andi said...


Kat said...

AWESOME! I'm gonna put a link to here on my blog later.

Rob7534 said...

Aww Michael, you're WAY TOO kind, you know my Blog sucks :)

Thanks for the kind words sweetie!

Rae Ann said...

Wow! that was great! Came by way of kat's.

shadow61356 said...

i almost cant find the words to describe that. cant wait to see what they come up with for next year. i would love for whoever did that to email me

Lara said...

hey you!
You have a very groovy house!
Merry christmas!