Monday, November 28, 2005

Reading the Hometown Paper

You've got to love the Internet. With it, I can read my "hometown" paper and see what's going on at all the way over in Pennsylvania. See how the people are arguing for/against Intelligent Design (ID) how they're pissed off at the Senators for voting themselves a raise outside of the normal timeframe for doing so, and seeing what kind of Buckwheat Cake suppers are going on in time for Hunting Season.

In today's paper, on the front page, was an article about a couple who had a baby 2.5 months early and that their hospital bill was $450,000.

The following passage is how they described the size of the baby when it was born:

"Jessica and Robert have photographs of Julia lying in the NICU next to a stuffed animal. She's the same size as the toy, which is the size of a squirrel, minus the tail."

Now I could just see that same article in the Chicago Times.....what would they refer that baby to to give a fair comparison? A pack of cigaretts, a bottle of Colt Malt Liquor....only in PA can you refer to the size of a Squirrel (without the tail) and everyone knows how big it is.....

I love the country!


The Big Finn said...

I tink dey'd describe it as about half da size of a combo samich....dipped!
I agree witcha about da internet...I read da Chicago Tribune every Sunday.
FOR THE RECORD: I don't really have a Chicago accent...even though I lived there for almost 40 years!

xmichra said...

haha... I used to get descriptions in length of snow shoes.. and yes, we all knew how long that was too. Nothern country I suppose ;)

Karen said...

I didn't realise that toys only came in one size in PA. Learn something new everyday!!