Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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We’ve been to a lot of movies over the last 2 weeks so I thought I’d tell you about them.

The first we saw was Capote starring that lovely chameleon Philip Seymour Hoffman. He truly became Truman Capote during this film with his affected voice and his personal “stylings”

PSH I think is really one of those actors who takes on the character he is playing and you have no idea who he really is as an individual, sort of like Johnny Depp. When you see a PSH or Depp movie you don’t say “Oh that PSH looks just like Capote” you say “Was that an actor playing Capote or was it really him.”

I’ve seen several of PSH movies, and he always comes across as the character instead of an actor playing a character.

Back to the Movie. The storyline of Capote is based around Truman’s last book – In Cold Blood (which if you haven’t read you should put on your list). Truman is sort of at an impasse and doesn’t know what to do when he runs across a clipping of the murders in Kansas.

So he gets the New Yorker magazine to pay for an article and he goes out there to investigate. The movie centers around his relationships with the murderers and how he was able to get into their minds and fish out the whole story.

Overall, PSH was GREAT, but I was able to take two little naps during the duration and was happy to find out that when I woke up I really didn’t miss much. Overall the movie was a little slow, but it was perfect for a Sunday afternoon. If you don’t catch it at the theaters you should catch it when it comes out on Video.

The next two movies we saw last week during the Chicago Reeling Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. The festival was going on for more than 10 days and they had multiple movies playing every day, but we only got to see two of them.

The first was TransAmerica starring Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives. The only way that I can sum up this movie is to say that I really want to sit down and write a letter to Ms. Huffman and tell her what a remarkable job she did in this movie, she was absolutely amazing!

First, to give you an idea of the clientele who was watching this movie. A) it’s a Gay/Lesbian Film Festival b) It’s about Transexuals So not only were there boys and girls there, but sitting in front of us were 5 boys who were girls and 1 girl who was a boy. Good for them!

Bree (who used to be Stanley) lives in LA and is one week away from having her final surgery to become a woman. One evening she receives a phone call looking for Stanley who no longer lives there, saying that his son is in jail in NYC. But the thing is, Stanley never had sex so how could he have a child…well there was this one time in college.

Bree’s Therapist won’t sign the document letting her get the surgery because she doesn’t want her to have anything left over from that life, but there’s a 1 year waiting list for surgery and if Bree misses it, she’s got to wait another year.

Bree goes off to NYC and picks up her “son” who asks who this “lady” is and she tells him she’s from The Church of Potential Father. She ends up getting a station wagon and the two of them drive across the country. They camp out a few nights, the stop in Arkansas at a Transexual’s house where several of them are planning a trip, they have their car stolen and meet a Native American gentleman who ends up giving his number to Bree so she can call him if she ever makes it back to town.

During this time, the son figures out that Bree is actually a man (I’m not gonna tell you how). They finally make it to Phoenix where Stanley/Bree’s parents live, an old Jewish couple who accept/don’t accept Stanley for what he has done.

More stuff happens but I’m not gonna tell you about that because it will ruin it for you, but this was a FIVE STAR movie, it was totally amazing. I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to see it before it is released later this year (In December, you really do need to go see this movie).

Did you know that Felicity Huffman is married to William H. Macy? I didn’t know that either.

The last movie we saw was “Exposed: The Making of Legend” a documentary based on the making of the gay porn flick “Buckelroos” which was supposed to be an old time cowboy/country/western boy on boy love story.

To give you an idea of the surroundings a) It was at a Gay/Lesbian Film Festival b) the topic was porn. The theater was filled with a smattering of younger guys, but primarily it was older guys (not a lot of women – we saw 3). It was a sell out show, so there was no personal space left in this theater, so it was no surprise when The Boyfriend turned to me and said “If this guy next to me touches me I’m gonna scream like a girl”

All I can say is UGH! I took about 15 naps during this 90 minute movie, it was seriously about 89 minutes too long. This movie was terrible for a documentary, everyone figured since it was about the making of a porn movie that there would be porn involved in the docu ----- wrong. Now don’t get me wrong we saw our share of willy’s and wankers but whenever anything “happened” they went to black or to a different scene, hey they want you to buy the movie they’re not gonna give it away for free.

Well I had no interest in the “characters” I use that term loosely because there wasn’t much acting being done, and the guys in the movie are not guys I’m typically attracted to….so…this movie sucked!

Quick Recap:

Capote – if you don’t get a chance to see it in the Theaters it is a good rental

TransAmerica – you really should go see this when it comes out in December you won’t be disappointed.

Exposed – I’m not even gonna go there


Rob7534 said...

HA! Michael. You should get paid to write movie reviews! I will go out and view and every one of them, when they come out, or maybe when they get to Video. I'm still going to watch the porn documentry, because... well I won't dwell on that.

Anyway, what about the musical!?!? I was waiting for that.

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